Two-Factor Authentication

In case you don’t know Two-factor Authentication, or 2FA as it is known on the world wide web adds a second layer of security to your accounts and should be used where ever possible, it is like having a double lock on your front door.

Once it is set up, if you log in to a site with your usual credentials the site will ask you for a code that is usually sent to your mobile phone via text message, before you will be allowed access to the site, you will need to enter this code before you are logged in, you can also use an authenticator to do this.

For example, I want to log in to Facebook, so I enter my usual credentials using RoboForm, and then I am taken to a page that is asking me to enter a code from my authenticator, I enter this code and then am logged in to Facebook.

If it was not me that was logging in to my Facebook account, i:e, someone that is trying to ‘break into’ or ‘hack’ my account then they would not have access to the code from the authenticator and would not be allowed into my Facebook account.

This will also alert me that my password has been compromised and someone is trying to break into my Facebook account and prompt me to change my password to secure my account.

It would be highly unlikely that my password would have been compromised due to the fact that a very strong password has been created with the Roboform password generator.

Two-factor authentication codes can also be sent to you via your registered e-mail address for that account, the code itself is completely random and will never be the same so you do not need to memorise it.

This ensures that you and only are able to access your accounts and will give you peace of mind that no one else can access your data.