Keeping Your Data Safe With Secure Passwords

It would be best if you were pretty shrewd with your passwords in this day and age, lots of your personal data is open to attack from anywhere in the world and by this I mean that there are some nasty people that are full-time scammers and con merchants that will stop at nothing to get their hands on your log-in credentials and passwords in order to steal your hard-earned cash.

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Never leave your personal data open to attack; by that, you need to protect all your online accounts with safe and secure passwords. The simplest and best way to do that is to use a password manager.

A password manager, what is that I am hearing you say? Well, it is a clever piece of software that plugs into your browser and can generate, store and remember passwords so you don’t have to.

Have you ever been signing up for a website and tried to think up a password only to have it rejected because your password has not met the criteria of the website?

What I mean by that is you took ages to think up a password consisting of letters and numbers, but the website has asked for a password that is twelve characters long with at least one capital letter and special characters.

Of course, you have, and then after you have spent a lot of time and managed to think of a suitable password, you will have forgotten it by the next time that you want to log in to that particular website because you didn’t make a note of it.

Then you have to go through the rig moral of resetting your password and you are now back at square one trying to think up a suitable password that meets the website’s requirements.

Maybe you rely on cookies to remember your passwords, this is ok until the time comes when your cookies have been wiped, or you have bought yourself a new PC or laptop or are using a different device altogether.

If this is you then you need a password manager such as Roboform This software can generate passwords in next to no time just using a few clicks of your mouse, it will also remember them, so when you come back to the same site in the future you will be able login with ease.

RoboForm can also be used on multiple devices and is compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux etc and will work on all popular browsers. It is also compatible with most mobile phones.

Besides generating passwords and remembering user logins, RoboForm also has more handy features such as form filling, safe notes and bookmarks.

You will only need to remember just one password to open RoboForm, I have been using it since 2005 and I can honestly say that it has been a lifesaver that I would never be without.

So what are you waiting for? To get your free copy and find out more about RoboForm click on the link below or the banner on the top right of this page.

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