About The Simon B

Welcome to my blog, thesimonb.org,¬†where all good technical things come together. My aim here is to assist you with today’s technology and try to teach you how to stay safe on the world wide web or the ‘www’ as it is better known.

Like it or not the internet is here to stay and it affects all of our lives, nobody can survive without it, from the way we socialise to how we handle our money it is all digital.

You need passwords and user names to be able to access all of the websites that you are signed up to, and you need to remember these credentials because if you don’t then your life will fall apart and will be thrown into a right kerfuffle.

You can read all about passwords and how you can manage your passwords with the help of software in a post that I wrote.

As well as trying to show you how to be tech-savvy there are loads of other life tips and tricks that I can help you to understand on this website.